Hello, I am the author of this blog and have had a passion for camping since childhood.  Living in Ontario, Canada allows me to explore this vast province and all that it has to offer the camping enthusiast. My goal is to share my camping experiences and learn about your camping experiences, including: tips for camping, where to camp, trip planning, camping gear, setting up camp, activities, etc.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and I welcome your comments.  Outside of blogging, I have also authored and published “The Camp Tripper – The Secrets of Successful Family Camping in Ontario” http://bookstore.iuniverse.com/AdvancedSearch/Default.aspx?SearchTerm=9781450226264&image1.x=79&image1.y=17



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  1. Karen Andrews says:

    Just wanted to say thank you. I’m from Alberta originally and I have spent the entire day researching where to camp in Ontario. With so much to choose from it was beginning to feel quite overwhelming. That was until I found your blog. I appreciate all the work you’ve put into your reviews and tips. I now have a clearer idea of where we are heading this summer thanks to you. Happy trails. Karen & family.

  2. Ronald Ramos says:

    Hello Patrick, I have found your blog one of the most useful resources for camping in Ontario by far. I really appreciate the hard work and had a question for you. I’m going to Grundy Lake in a few weeks with a group of 8. We are thinking of doing some canoeing as well as some backcountry camping for a total of 5 days (arriving early Friday, leaving early Monday). If you have any tips or advice for this specific area we would really appreciate it.



    • Thanks for your comments Ronald. My post on Grundy Lake covers most of my tips. If you are experienced canoeists, you could consider canoeing a portion of the French River, which is only about 10 minutes north on Highway 69. The last time I was at Grundy, we rented a canoe from a local outfitter and took it up to the French River for a day trip – spectacular scenery. If you are new to canoeing, then I would focus on Grundy, Gut and Gurd Lakes in Grundy Lake Provincial Park. They are great lakes for canoeing and swimming. Have a great trip!

  3. Candace says:

    Hi Patrick, We are going up to Sturgeon Bay Park in July and its our first time camping ever, so we are doing the cabin! They told us that we will be able to get a pass for Grundy Lake so that we can spend the days there doing activities. We are really looking forward to this. I noticed that you do not have anything on your blog about Sturgeon Bay Park. Have you been there or heard anything about it? Love your site!!! Very helpful.

  4. Gordon Reifenstein says:

    Patrick, my family camped frequently in Kilbear Park in an area called the Overflow (1962-68). Often the gate was down and we would be able to get in and camp as close to the water as possible. The Rangers never chased us out as we were a family just wanting the peace and quiet. Well, my Dad turned 90 last November and I was thinking this spring/summer I would like to take him back to that particular area where we had great memories. Can you help me locate this site? I do not have any of the old maps of the area and when I was last there – Kilbear camping – it was mid ’90s. Again I would appreciate any assistance on this matter. TIA. Gord.

    • Hi Gordon,
      I’m sorry, but I don’t know where this overflow spot could be. I think your best option would be to the “Friends of Killbear” website and post the question there. Somebody might be able to dig this information out of the archives.

  5. Sakthi says:

    Hello Patrick,

    I am looking at using a picture of Algonquin Mew Lake Yurt from one of your blog posts in an article for our blog. I shall provide proper photo credit for the same. If you are willing to provide the picture, please let me know.


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