Good Camping Habits Ensures That Camping Is More Enjoyable for All

Each year I notice that there are many people going camping for the first time in campgrounds across Ontario. It should be noted that having good camping habits ensures that you enjoy your camping trip and have a great time with all of your neighbouring campers. Most seasoned campers have good camping habits that include the following:

Campfires: Make your campfires using the campfire-pit on your campsite. If there is no campfire-pit, then campfires are probably not permitted.

Campground Rules: The campground rules are for the safety and enjoyment of all campers and are usually posted at the campground office, so please follow the rules.

Do NOT Be Excessively Noisy: All campgrounds have quiet times during the night when excessive noise is not permitted. However, respect for your fellow campers should be extended into the day as well. Don’t be excessively loud when camping.

Do NOT Hog the Facilities: The showers, sinks, and toilets are to be shared by all campers. Always show consideration for others when using the facilities. Also, the facilities should be left with the same level of cleanliness that you found them in.

Do NOT Walk Through Occupied Campsites: Other campers have rented campsites for the time that they are there. Please show respect and walk along the campground roads and trails without taking shortcuts through occupied campsites.

Don’t Litter.

No Speeding in the Campground: Children will be playing on the campground roads. Drive slowly, so that you do not accidentally hit someone or create unnecessary dust in the campground.

Supervise Your Children and Pets: You are responsible for monitoring your children and pets. Ensure that they do not disturb other campers or get hurt.

Washing Dishes: Wash your dishes at your campsite or the designated dish washing stations, whichever applies at your campground. Do not wash your dishes at the water supply taps or in the washrooms. Campground staff and other campers frown upon this.

Leave No Trace: When your camping trip is over, please leave your campsite the way you found it. You are not permitted to cut trees or remove fallen trees, branches and other vegetation from the campsite and surrounding area. Doing so may result in a fine. Pack and dispose of all garbage and ensure that the campsite is ready for the next group of campers.

Backcountry Camping

Here is how you can do your part to keep the backcountry clean and safe during your canoeing, kayaking, cycling, fishing, and hiking trips:

Do NOT Litter the Lakes, Rivers, Trails and Backcountry: Anything that you pack in needs to be packed out or properly burned in a backcountry fire-pit. It astounds me how often I find pop cans, food wrappers and other debris scattered across the backcountry.

Help Those In Trouble: Always help those in trouble on the lakes, rivers, trails and backcountry, however you can.

Are there any other good camping habits that I have missed? Please share any additional good camping habits that you have and we will post them here.  Thank you!

Resources: For camping information and tips, see: The Camp Tripper. For camping gear, see:


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One Response to Good Camping Habits Ensures That Camping Is More Enjoyable for All

  1. Trudy says:

    Excellent advise! Especially about noise/ respecting fellow campers; We have had many occasions where our campsite neighbors have ended up being a nuisance due to alcohol. It is unacceptable to take away a day of someone’s precious ‘down time’. Initially we give everyone the benefit of the doubt. We are friendly and courteous upon meeting our neighbors in the afternoon but had lousy evenings of listening to drunken shouting- this has ended up with moving campsites, complaining to park police or confronting them. Respect thy neighbor.
    Thank you!

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