Cook Safely While You Camp

A camping stove is a necessity at the campsite, however it must be operated properly to ensure that it is safe for all. If you have just purchased a new camping stove, learn how to use it in your backyard at home before you leave on your camping trip to ensure that you know how to use it and that it works properly. Review the instructions and ask the sales staff at the store if you are still uncertain of how to properly operate it. Practice lighting your stove, adjusting the heat level, and turning it off outside in a ventilated area, away from anything that can catch fire. You should also test it out annually before going on your camping trips to ensure that it is still operational. Here are a few more points to remember when cooking with your stove:

Excessive Heat: Turn off the stove if it is flaming radically or looks very hot.

Fuel and Fuel Containers: Only use the recommended fuel and carry it in approved aluminum fuel canisters or the original can that it was purchased in.

Never Leave the Stove Unattended by Adults.

Placement of Stove: The camp stove should be placed at one end of the picnic table, with children and adults seated away from the stove for safety. The stove should also be placed far enough away from screen house walls, overhanging tarps, and any other camping gear, so that the flames from the stove do not burn it. The picnic table must be level in order for the stove to work properly. You can level the picnic table by inserting rocks and wood chunks under the legs.

Refilling the Fuel Tank: Do not attempt to refill the fuel tank when the stove is in use or is hot.

Starting the Stove: This is the time when it can flame up and get dangerous. When igniting the stove, use as little fuel as possible. I once melted a hole through a screen house wall because the stove was too close to it and I opened the gas a little too much.

Ventilation: Never use a stove inside your tent or any area with poor ventilation.



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