Turkey Point Provincial Park – Features a Golf Course

I have to admit; Turkey Point Provincial Park is one of the more disappointing Ontario Parks campgrounds that I have camped at. This is primarily because the layout is somewhat different to typical Ontario Parks’ campgrounds. For example, there is no camper’s beach and only a public day-use beach one kilometre away from the park. Some of you who are avid golfers or boaters will find this park appealing, as these facilities are situated very close by. 

Looking East Along the Beach

Environment: Turkey Point Provincial Park is located near the town of Turkey Point, approximately halfway between Long Point Provincial Park to the west and Port Dover to the east. As with other provincial parks on Lake Erie, Turkey Point features marshes, oak savannah, forests and bluffs.

Beach: The beach is not located within the park. There is a nice two-kilometre long sandy beach located one-kilometre south of the park, in the village of Turkey Point. The beach is a public beach that has change facilities, as well as nearby stores and restaurants. Younger campers will find this beach appealing for the crowds. 

Boating: Boats can be launched on Lake Erie for a fee. The boat launch is located in the town of Turkey Point, near the beach.

Camping: There are 235 campsites (104 with hydro) that are split among three campgrounds (Whippoorwill, Fin & Feather and Walking Sticks). Group camping is also available. Most of the campsites are spaced quite well and shady. There is a playground that is situated near the centre of the campgrounds. 

Looking West Along the Beach

Fishing: Local fishing includes: bass, perch, pike and panfish. Turkey Point is situated by Long Point Bay, which is well known for fishing. 

Hiking: There are 3 day-use hiking trails in the park that range in length from 2.2-kilometres to 3.0 kilometres. The Bluff Lookout Trail features a bluff that overlooks Turkey Point and Long Point Bay. 

Port Dover: Port Dover is just a short drive away from Turkey Point and you could easily spend a day there. Port Dover has a beach, shopping area and many fast food restaurants near Lake Erie, which are always busy. The Port Dover Harbour Museum commemorates Port Dover’s fishing industry and is situated inside an old fisherman’s shanty. The museum houses a collection of artifacts from an 1852 ship wreck, as well as other artifacts that showcase habitation and fishing in the area.   

View of Turkey Point from the Beach

Shopping: The park store offers a small selection of camping supplies. Beyond the park, you can shop at Turkey Point or Port Dover.  

The Golf Course: Turkey Point is the only provincial park in Ontario that has a golf course. This is a nine-hole golfing facility that is situated right next to the camping grounds. 

In Conclusion: The July-August occupancy rate for 2009 was only 61%, indicating that Turkey Point has vacant campsites more frequently in the summer then the other Ontario Parks campgrounds along Lake Erie. The park is ideal if you want to take advantage of the golf course or boat launch. Three to four days is all that you will need to explore Turkey Point and the area. 

My Park Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Resources: For camping information and tips, see: The Camp Tripper. For camping gear, see: http://astore.amazon.com/tip4cam-20


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