Camping Gear: Camp Stoves

Some campers prefer to cook their meals on campfires, instead of on camping stoves. This practice is not recommended for several reasons. First, most people struggle with starting and maintaining a fire. What’s more, it is very difficult to maintain the correct level of heat on a campfire to properly cook a meal without undercooking or burning it. In addition, firewood costs about $6 a bundle at most provincial park campgrounds in Ontario. You can quickly burn a hole in your wallet just trying to cook your meals over campfires. Finally, during dry weather conditions, many parks will impose fire bans and you will not be permitted to have campfires. A cooking stove is much more efficient and also saves on the environment because it slows down the depletion of dead wood and live trees in the forests. Here are some points to consider if you are shopping for a camping stove: 

Single, Double and Tripple-Burner Stoves: Most camping stoves have one or two burners; however, there are some with three burners. For family car camping, the double-burner stove, as shown in this photo, is perfect. A portable single-burner stove is a better choice for backcountry camping because it is lightweight and compact. 

Liquid Gas or Propane Powered: Most camping stoves are liquid gas or propane powered. Propane-powered stoves require propane cylinders, and empty gas cylinders contribute to a growing garbage problem in our environment. Propane cylinders are considered to be hazardous waste and are not accepted at landfill sites. Campgrounds have to hire firms that specialize in recycling leftover propane cylinders, and it costs money. Many campgrounds are now asking campers to take home their propane cylinders because it is a major problem to dispose of them. If you purchase a propane-powered stove, then please do not use disposable propane cylinders. Instead, use refillable propane cylinders or purchase a liquid gas camping stove. We camp with a double-burner liquid gas-powered stove. 

Oven: If you want to bake when camping, then you should purchase a stovetop or outback oven. The oven is mounted on top of your camping stove and can be purchased for around $70.

Liquid Gas Refillable Fuel Canister (Spare): If you have a liquid gas stove, you may want to consider purchasing a spare fuel canister, so that you have extra fuel for your stove.

Funnel: If you have a liquid gas stove, you will need a small plastic funnel in order to pour the liquid gas into the fuel canister for the stove.

Toast Rack: A toast rack is a small metal rack that sits on top of the camping stove grill and is used to toast bread. 

You can view camp stoves and accessories by clicking the following link:

For more information on camping stoves and other camping gear, see The Camp Tripper. The Camp Tripper includes: trip planning, reservations, gear, meals, setting up camp, activities, breaking camp, maintenance of gear and many tips for memorable camping trips in Ontario. The book is very reasonably priced and small enough to fit in the glove compartment of your vehicle. Here are four reasons why you might prefer to order it in e-book (electronic book) format:

  • The e-book price is 37% less
  • No shipping costs, which saves you even more
  • Instant delivery to your computer or hand-held device
  • Eliminates paper and saves trees

This book is currently only available in online bookstores.


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