Not Ready for Tenting Camping? Try an Ontario Parks Yurt…

Many of you are contemplating going camping this summer, but are still undecided and have not made any reservations at the campgrounds. Sometimes the thought of planning and preparing for a camping trip can be overwhelming, especially if you need to purchase a lot of camping gear and don’t know where to begin. For those of you who are new to camping, you may want to consider camping in an Ontario Parks yurt as a camping primer. 

Yurt at Mew Lake

A yurt is a very spacious, roofed structure made out of canvas and wood framing. It can accommodate six people, due to its sixteen-foot by sixteen-foot octagonal shape. The yurt is well suited for strong winds, rain, and snow. In 2009, we rented a yurt in Mew Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park. We had heavy rain and were able to stay dry and warm because the yurt was elevated off the ground, was sufficiently waterproofed, and had a heater. We cooked all of our meals on the barbecue, which also had a hot plate. The barbecue was situated outside of the yurt, in a sheltered lean-to structure that provided protection from precipitation. 

Inside the Yurt

The yurts in Mew Lake have two sets of bunk beds, a table, chairs, electric heat, lighting, electrical outlet, barbecue with propane, cookset, and utensils. You will not need to pack your tent, air mattresses, sleeping pads, and a large portion of your cooking gear. Just throw your sleeping bags and pillows on top of the bunk beds, which have futon-style mattresses, and you will be ready to go. Pack your screen house so you have a sheltered area for the picnic table when you arrive. The yurt that we rented cost us about $85 a night, with taxes included.

Yurts are available for rent in some of Ontario’s largest and most popular provincial parks, including Algonquin, Bon Echo, Bronte Creek, Killarney, MacGregor Point, Pancake Bay, The Pinery, Quetico, and Silent Lake. 

For more information and tips on yurts, refer to pages 11 and 84-86 in The Camp Tripper. The Camp Tripper also includes: trip planning, reservations, gear, meals, setting up camp, activities, breaking camp, maintenance of gear and many tips for memorable camping trips in Ontario. The book is very reasonably priced and small enough to fit in the glove compartment of your vehicle. Here are four reasons why you might prefer to order it in e-book (electronic book) format:

  • The e-book price is 37% less
  • No shipping costs, which saves you even more
  • Instant delivery to your computer or hand-held device
  • Eliminates paper and saves trees

This book is currently only available in online bookstores.


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