Point Farms Provincial Park – Camping on a Bluff

You can’t go wrong with camping at any provincial park along the Lake Huron shoreline because they all offer nice beaches and sunsets. Point Farms Provincial Park is one of those parks and it features a bluff along the shoreline. 

Lake Huron View from Bluff

Environment: Point Farms is located in South-western Ontario, just seven kilometres from Goderich. The campgrounds are situated on a bluff that is approximately 20 metres above Lake Huron and the beach. The Lake Huron sunsets are magnificent from the top of the bluff. The park takes its name from the Point Farms Hotel, which stood on this land more than 100 years ago. 

Beach: The beach is good, however, the bluff can be a deterrent to those who want convenient access from the campgrounds. From the Colborne Campground, you can descend down a staircase (approximately 100 steps) to the beach. From the Huron Campground, there is a path that goes down along the bluff near campsite #99, however the path is rough and steep. Some children were accessing the beach from this path while we were camping there. The best option is probably to drive to the beach and there is plenty of parking along the one kilometre long beach.

Campsite #99 - Overlooking Lake Huron

Camping: There are 209 campsites (131 with hydro) that are split between two campgrounds (Colborne and Huron). There are six additional campsites for group camping. If you are tent camping and want a campsite with a great view of Lake Huron, try campsite #99 in the Huron campground. We had the privilege of seeing two great sunsets while staying at that campsite. The winds can get quite strong from Lake Huron, so ensure that you have secured your camping equipment. I did a poor job of securing our tarp and the winds ripped the ropes out of the grommets and the tarp had to be trashed. 

Hiking: The Old Farms Trail is an easy hike that takes you around the park perimeter and connects with The Barn Trail and campgrounds. These trails take you through areas that were once occupied by fruit orchards and earlier settlements from the late 1800s. 

Lake Huron Sunset

Shopping: There is a store just outside the park boundary. Goderich is only seven kilometres away and offers everything that you will need.  

In Conclusion: This park is quite busy in the summer so ensure that you have reservations for July and August. This park is a good choice if you just want to spend a few days at the beach and enjoy the Lake Huron sunsets. Beyond that you will have to look outside of the park for other activities, including: biking, canoeing, fishing and so on. 

My Park Rating: 3 out of 5

Resources: For camping information and tips, see: The Camp Tripper. For camping gear, see: http://astore.amazon.com/tip4cam-20


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